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DumaWorks.com is Kenya’s best online job matching platform.

For Recruiters & Hiring Managers: 250 companies in Kenya have already used www.DumaWorks.com to source, qualify, and screen job candidates in under one week.

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Visit http://www.dumaworks.com and begin typing your job description in the boxes under “Start Finding Amazing Candidates Now.” You can also email us at info@dumaworks.com with a job description.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.01.22 PMComplete your job posting and indicate what level of screening you would like us to conduct on your behalf – a basic fit, an advanced skills test, or a recruiting package. Basic fit gives you 10-20 CVs that are qualified for the position. Advanced gives you 5-10 candidates that have been tested for skills via case study. Customized gives you the very top 3-5 candidates.

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Our team and software will post the job to our network of 22,000+ young professionals, job boards of your choosing, and our partner network. We conduct the tests within a promised time-frame.

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We present you with a ranked list of candidates, candidate CVs, and candidate graded tests. You can then interview candidates for personality and company fit. Should you have trouble identifying candidates that are a good fit and notify us within 1 month of the job posting, we will conduct the process again for you, free of charge.

For Young Professionals:

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There are a bunch of ways to sign up! Signing up is really important so we can notify you with any job openings that match your background. You can send an SMS to 22131 OR Whatsapp +254701060302 with your NAME, AGE, LOCATION; You can visit www.dumaworks.com to create your profile.

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When you receive a job alert over SMS or Whatsapp, make sure to respond with the code if you are interested. You can also refer a friend to the job through the code in the SMS.

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Make sure to complete the screening tests! Sometimes there are two parts – one over SMS/Whatsapp, and one via email. If you have any questions, you can always call us at +254701060302

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Make sure to add friends to your network to help them get jobs as well!

Just one more thing to give you a clear breakdown of how DumaWorks.com will ease your job-matching nightmares…

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To read some testimonials from our happy customers, please visit our website here, or give us a call at +254701060302


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